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0000274: Flight simulator crashing when requesting the IFR clearance
Ticket updated with more details and findings on 08.07.2017:
The crash appears depending on the airport and parking position and can be reproduced at EDDF airport (Aerosoft EDDF version which comes with the default X-Plane installation) ramp V109.

Analyzing the logfile: when reaching a certain point in the taxiway building (lastDistanceNext: 257 / lastDistanceNext: 258) the plugin runs into some sort of endless loop between taxiway points and then probably into some timeout or out of memory thing. Seems at this point the plugin cannot decide which next point to choose and always decides for “non add1”.

Additional logfile with extended information stored in MANTIS_0000274 (124thATC-Dashboard).
Additional logfile with extended information stored in MANTIS_0000274 (124thATC-Dashboard).
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Hi Micheal,
Still unable to reproduce the issue, using Xp10 and default EDDF/ramp V109.
I'll make anyway further tests. Please confirm that the issue is still present in the last build.

Many thanks,

2017-07-09 18:00   
The problem can be reproduced also with a57RC4.
New logfile stored in MANTIS_0000274 (124thATC-Dashboard).