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0000294124thATC[All Projects] Interfacepublic2017-08-14 09:482018-07-29 18:33
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X-Plane 10.51r2Windows 10.0(All versions)
0000294: Invalid transponder code assigned after declaring emergency
After declaring emergency the transponder code 2902 was assigned (expected) by 124thATC, which is an invalid value, as transponder code digits are limited to octal System digits (0000-7777).

Appears that this issue only appears if emergency is declared. Please check the squawk assignment function called when declaring emergency.
124thATC v2.0-a57RC6 10:29:50 : Communication: I FLY 836, set the transponder code 2902 as instructed.
Reported by ShaneD (31.07.2017) and also in some forum posts by other users.
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