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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000286    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-06-24Minor bugs fixed
  0000285    Planningminorresolved (ntnll)2017-06-24Plugin should refuses to touch FMS flight plan if "FMS programming" is not enabled
  0000272    Generalfeatureresolved (ntnll)2017-06-21Michael Schachinger's EFASS 2 script included in plugin archive
  0000284    Ground/Taximajorresolved (ntnll)2017-06-17Fixed random crashes on taxi parser function
  0000283    Planningmajornew2017-06-17Problem with duplicate assigned navaid or waypoint names
  0000282    Generalmajornew2017-05-28VFR: runway selection should avoid tailwind, especially for light aircraft
  0000281    Descentminornew2017-05-28Wrong wording for descent calls in certain situations
  0000280 1 Landingfeaturenew2017-05-28Better runway selection for airports with more runways
  0000279 1 Landingmajornew2017-05-28Unclear runway assignment after missed approach procedure (airport with 2 runways, runway change requested before)
  0000278 1 Departurefeaturenew2017-05-28VFR: improved VFR departures allowing traffic patterns (simplified)
  0000277    Planningfeaturenew2017-05-28VFR: allow same departure and destination airport (simplified)
  0000276 2 En routeminornew2017-05-27In VFR flight mode the waypoint skipping should be not active
  0000275 1 Phraseology/Speechmajornew2017-05-27Bug on output string creation at handover between centers
  0000274    Generalcrashnew2017-05-27Flight simulator crashing when requesting the IFR clearance
  0000273    Phraseology/Speechmajornew2017-05-16Information "Contact ... for startup" after IFR/VFR clearance even the engine is running already
  0000271    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-05-04Introduced Squawk mandatory check
  0000270    Planningminorresolved (ntnll)2017-05-01Fixed a bug preventing correct STAR discovery in XP10
  0000269    Planningminorresolved (ntnll)2017-05-01Added option for skip SID/STAR lookup
  0000268    Planningminorresolved (ntnll)2017-05-01Introduced support for empty flight plans
  0000267    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-26ATC calls optimizations
  0000266    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-26Code optimization
  0000265    Phraseology/Speechtextresolved (ntnll)2017-04-26VFR dialog string corrections
  0000264    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-23Minor bugs fixed
  0000263    Interfaceminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-23added a Visual Heading Indicator and its custom command
  0000262    Phraseology/Speechminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-15Removed Linux libspeechd support
  0000261    Generaltweakresolved (ntnll)2017-04-15[Experimental] Automatic detection of IFR and VFR flight for future VFR support
  0000260    Phraseology/Speechminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-15New option for reduce vectors calls in cruise phase
  00002571   Phraseology/Speechmajorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-14Plugin doesn't reset TTS "user#" voice after IFR clearance
  0000259    Landingminorresolved (ntnll)2017-04-14Improved VFR support (better approach phase for light VFR flights)
  0000258    Phraseology/Speechminornew2017-03-12Maximized utilization of all available TTS voice packages / avoiding repetitions
  0000256    Generalminorresolved2017-02-14Added LELN to acc.dat
  0000255    Departureminorresolved2017-02-14Incorrect runway reassignment on change departure runway function
  0000253    Generalminorresolved2017-02-13Minor bugs fixed
  0000254    Phraseology/Speechminorresolved2017-02-13Characters "-" and "_" will be no longer pronunced from speechtext engine
  0000252    Generaltweakresolved (ntnll)2017-02-05Added EDGG Langen Radar to acc.dat
  0000251    Generalcrashresolved2017-02-04Improved plugin stability
  0000221    Phraseology/Speechfeatureresolved (ntnll)2017-01-11Introduced multivoice support in windows (up to 10 different voices)
  0000226    Generalfeatureresolved (ntnll)2017-01-11Added an option for disable FMS programming
  0000235    Generalminorresolved2017-01-11Debug mode re-activated - reduced log output
  0000236    Phraseology/Speechfeatureresolved (ntnll)2017-01-11Experimental speech text voice on linux [libspeechd]
  0000241    Interfacefeatureresolved (ntnll)2017-01-11Frequencies selector, dialogs and readback save their geometry positions in settings.txt for next sessions
  0000244    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-01-11X-Plane 11 CIFP navdata support for SID and STAR search
  0000243    Interfaceminorresolved (ntnll)2017-01-11"Flightplan" field now accepts and automatically drops SID and STAR words and aiports ICAO, instead of opening a warning dialog
  0000250    Landingminorresolved (ntnll)2017-01-06Right/Left heading instruction random errors
  0000249    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-01-06Runway ILS parser doesn't work in XP11 due the new earth_nav.dat format
  0000248    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-01-05In some cases after runway change, SID and STAR are not re-calculated
  0000247    Departureminorresolved (ntnll)2017-01-05A bug prevent engine startup request dialog opening when already on holding point
  0000246    Landingminorresolved (ntnll)2016-12-30Improved emergency landing phase
  0000242    Interfaceminorresolved (ntnll)2016-12-29Improved copy/paste stability for flight plan dialog on XP11
  0000245    Interfaceminorresolved (ntnll)2016-12-29Fixed a crash that occurs when a very long flight plan is filed
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