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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000333    AIminorresolved2019-10-12AI functionalities disabled until stability will be reached
  0000332    Generalminorresolved2019-08-09Added new auto-update feature
  0000318    Generalminorresolved2019-05-20Ground elevation function implemented
  0000330    Radiominorresolved (ntnll)2019-05-12DME support added
  0000331    Radiominorresolved2019-05-128.33 kHz frequency support added
  0000321    En routeminorresolved2019-04-24Tons of minor bug fixed. Hopefully no one introduced
  0000315    Generalfeatureresolved (ntnll)2019-02-14Flight plan clearance "in flight" support
  0000329    Generalminorresolved2019-02-14SID and STAR altitude restrictions support
  0000328    Interfaceminorresolved (ntnll)2019-01-13ATC Dialog menu inconsistency activation/deactivation fixed
  0000327    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2018-12-31EPWW Warszawa Radar added to acc.dat
  0000326    Generalmajorresolved (ntnll)2018-11-30WARNING - new navdata function - manual navdata installation needed - refer to "Navdata installation" manual section
  0000325    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2018-11-10Landing in the departure airport is now allowed
  0000324    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2018-11-10Initial altitude for VFR flight has been reduced
  0000323    Generalfeatureresolved2018-10-23User debug enabled by default
  0000322    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2018-10-20Update function now is compatible with SSL
  0000312    Generalfeatureresolved (ntnll)2018-10-15Distance to terrain function introduced
  0000320    Interfacefeatureresolved2018-09-10Manual SID/STAR selection option added
  0000319    Phraseology/Speechminorresolved (ntnll)2018-09-10Phraseology "descent/climb" changed in "descend to/climb to"
  0000317    Generalminorresolved2018-08-24Panama Center ACC frequency fixed
  0000311    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2018-07-29SDK 3.0 packaging support added
  0000307    Descentmajorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29No descent instructions provided by ATC when in VNAV mode (a48RC5)
  0000306    En routecrashassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29X-Plane crashes when alternate runway is selected during approach
  0000305    Phraseology/Speechminorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29Fixed incorrect airport name in the emergency dialog
  00002981   Planningmajorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29Incorrect waypoint "FL" detected while importing flight plan
  0000294    Interfacemajorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29Invalid transponder code assigned after declaring emergency
  0000293    Planningminorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29FMS Programming function completely rewritten
  0000292    Generalminorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29Custom Scenery folder should be scanned first for airport data before falling back to default data
  0000291    Planningfeatureassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29Allow to predefine departure and landing runway
  0000290    Descentmajorassigned (ntnll)2018-07-29a57RC4: Waypoints skipped when alternate runway was requested during approach
  0000314    Planningminorresolved (ntnll)2018-06-02Improved FMS programming function
  0000313    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2018-06-02Improved SID/STAR search for XP11
  0000273    Phraseology/Speechmajorresolved (ntnll)2017-12-25"Contact for startup" message while the engine is running
  0000310    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-10-21SDK 3.0 support
  0000309    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-09-17Improved NDB lookup function
  0000308    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-09-09Plugin crashes on certain NavType waypoint
  0000239    Departureminorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-23Correct a critical bug introduced in .50 preventing departure runway identification
  0000235    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-23Debug mode re-activated - reduced log output
  0000275 1 Phraseology/Speechmajorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-23Bug on output string creation at handover between centers
  0000299    Interfacemajorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-21Plugin crashes X-Plane (10.51) after cancelling VFR
  0000303    Interfacetrivialresolved (ntnll)2017-08-20Release notes dialog added to the update notification function
  0000302    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-20Added GPS Autopilot codes as eligible state for reduced heading calls (no vectoring in GPS AP during the cruise)
  0000301    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-20unreliable VFR auto discovery removed
  0000300    Landingminorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-20Improved VFR missed approach phase
  0000297    Interfacetrivialresolved (ntnll)2017-08-19Option menu rewritten
  0000296    Planningminorresolved (ntnll)2017-08-16VOR and NDB lookup search issues fixed
  0000295    Interfaceminorassigned (ntnll)2017-08-14Dialog doesn't show when ask for different departure runway and squawk code is not set
  00002742   Generalcrashassigned (ntnll)2017-07-09Flight simulator crashing when requesting the IFR clearance
  0000253    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-07-09Minor bugs fixed
  0000255    Departureminorresolved (ntnll)2017-07-09Incorrect runway reassignment on change departure runway function
  0000287    Departureminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-09Problem with tower initial call at departure
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