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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000288    Phraseology/Speechfeatureassigned (ntnll)2017-07-09Support for text-to-speech voice packs in different locations (registry)
  0000289    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-07-08Added a new option that disable precise heading (round to 5)
  00002831   Planningmajorresolved (ntnll)2017-07-08Problem with duplicate assigned navaid or waypoint names
  0000251    Generalcrashresolved (ntnll)2017-07-08Improved plugin stability
  0000256    Generalminorresolved (ntnll)2017-07-08Added LELN to acc.dat
  0000238    Generalminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Approach handover say-again doesn't work
  0000233    Interfaceminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Frequencies selector, dialogs and readback save their geometry positions
  0000229    Phraseology/Speechminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Extended voice support for different radio entity voices
  0000282    Generalmajorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05VFR: runway selection should avoid tailwind, especially for light aircraft
  0000281    Descentminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Wrong wording for descent calls in certain situations
  0000280 1 Landingfeatureassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Better runway selection for airports with more runways
  0000279 1 Landingmajorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Unclear runway assignment after missed approach procedure (airport with 2 runways, runway change requested before)
  0000278 1 Departurefeatureassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05VFR: improved VFR departures allowing traffic patterns (simplified)
  0000277    Planningfeatureassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05VFR: allow same departure and destination airport (simplified)
  0000276 2 En routeminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05In VFR flight mode the waypoint skipping should be not active
  0000258    Phraseology/Speechminorassigned (ntnll)2017-07-05Maximized utilization of all available TTS voice packages / avoiding repetitions
  0000208    En routemajorassigned (ntnll)2016-11-22Waypoints with only three letters (VORs and NDBs) should be spelled in phonetical alphabet
  0000205 2 Phraseology/Speechmajorassigned (ntnll)2016-11-22Specification for handling SID/STAR names in ATC speech
  000020432 Generalminorassigned (ntnll)2016-11-22Wrong additional letter added to STAR name?
  0000202    Ground/Taximajorassigned (ntnll)2016-11-22Depending on airport data the plugin comes up with senseless taxi instructions
  00002012   Ground/Taximajorassigned (ntnll)2016-11-22Button "Request Taxi" wrongly triggers "Request startup and push back"
  0000112 1 Planningmajorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08ATC is suggesting a grass strip for the departure of an airliner
  0000110    Generalfeatureassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08COM2 Support
  0000106    Interfacefeatureassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Customizable font size
  0000132    Ground/Taximinorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08change rwy request on departure offers inactive runway(s)
  0000131    Interfacetrivialassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08capital letters on interface
  0000143    Landingmajorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Speed Restriction to 200knots obsolete
  0000138    Interfaceminorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Import of Flightplan not possible on CRJ200 / B777 Wordliner
  00001361   Departuremajorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Pilot error on climb produces strange commands
  0000135    Interfacefeatureassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Position of Comunication windows not memorized on screen
  0000160    Generalmajorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08announcment for heading sometimes wrong? (right instead of left)
  0000158    Generalminorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Fixed Bugs come back, when resetting the plugin
  0000147    Generalmajorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Airports in \Custom Scenery\ have higher priority than in \Global Airports\
  0000187    Ground/Taxifeatureassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Support follow me car in taxi instructions on departure and arrival taxi
  0000180    Generalminorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Heading 000 after "say again" request
  000017044 Landingmajorassigned (ntnll)2016-08-08Unfavorable choice of runways / suggestion for work around
  0000008    Planningminorassigned (ntnll)2015-10-22Random FMC import causes crashes
  0000040    Departurefeatureassigned (ntnll)2015-10-13Departure frequency support
  0000027    Ground/Taxitweakassigned (ntnll)2015-10-13Taxi arrows guide
  0000026    Planningfeatureassigned (ntnll)2015-10-13Airport Flows 'Runway in use' support for multiple heading flows
  0000014    Ground/Taximinorassigned (ntnll)2015-10-13In certain airports taxiways are not parsed correctly
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